Personal Injury FAQ’s

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1) What can be compensated for in a lawsuit?

You will be compensated for the current medical bills associated with the injury and then any future medical costs for treatment and physical therapy. If you are unable to work, both now and in the future, compensation will be given for the lost income. Additional compensation can be given for pain and suffering as a result of the accident.

2) Should I just settle for what the insurance company offered?

The final decision always lies with you but it is best to fight for the best settlement offer. Adjusters are notorious for using various tactics to get individuals to settle for much less than they fully deserve.

3) Can I file for a personal injury case if it was a dangerous activity?

If you were engaging in a dangerous activity, you might be deemed to have “assumed the risk”. In many personal injury cases, “assumption of risk” is a valid defense to a plaintiff’s personal injury claim. It is used as a defense in products liability cases when the plaintiff failed to follow directions or warnings or to properly maintain the product.

4) Will the doctors, hospitals, and other medical facilities wait for payment if I am unable to pay my bills?

In most cases when there is no immediate method to pay medical bills, many medical facilities will wait to be paid for their services when the case is finally resolved. It is important to let medical providers know early in the process if you have no insurance or financial means to pay such bills. Have any medical providers contact your lawyer.

5) Should I deal with insurance companies on my own?

The main interest with insurance companies is to take in as many premiums as possible while paying out as few claims as possible. Their interests directly clash with yours. Their representatives are trained to minimize or deny your claim, and they typically develop a variety of tactics to do that. One tactic will be pretending to be on your side and convincing you they want to help get your claim resolved quickly, but that often leads to a low settlement offer. A personal injury lawyer however, can negotiate on your behalf and should know how to deal with such representatives to get you a fair settlement offer.


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