Construction Site Accidents

Elk Grove Injury Accident Attorney

Construction workers experience the most number of fatalities than any industry in the private sector. The most common cause of death in the construction field is falls, followed by transportation accidents, contact with objects and equipment and then exposure to harmful substances and environments. The consequences of a construction accident vary. You can have mounting medical bills or be in need of long-term medical treatment. You may loose time at work, which means you lose wages. Sometimes, people are unable to work permanently and may need to learn a completely new trade due to a catastrophic injury. Mental anguish can also be a huge consequence and be extremely problematic to your future.

Receiving financial compensation from those who were found at fault of your accident is usually not enough. Hiring a lawyer to receive all compensation—financial and emotional—is important. It is about seeing to it that rights are upheld and justice for the victim is served. Because there are so many different consequences of negligent construction accidents, receiving proper compensation is important for you and your loved ones.


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