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Premises liability is a very large area of law, which falls under the category of personal injury. If you have been injured while on the property of another person, because of the negligence of the owner or property manager, you may have a premises liability case. Premises injuries may occur in many places, including, office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, parking structures, apartment buildings and schools. Under the law, grocery stores must clean up spills quickly, commercial buildings must fix stairs or railings that are damaged or defective, and shopping malls are required to provide adequate security for customers.

In order to be successful in a premises liability claim, one must prove that the owner of the property knew or should have known of the hazardous condition and did nothing to address the problem. In North California, a premises liability case can be difficult to pursue due to the theory of contributory negligence. If the insurance company can show that if the injured person contributed by one percent to his or her injury by felling to keep a proper lookout on their property, the injured person’s claim can be barred.


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